2011-2020 KAWASAKI ZX10 R Rear Brake Caliper - 430800097DJ

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Colour: Black
Year: 2011
Placement on Vehicle:
Manufacture Part Number: 430800097DJ
Model: ZX10 R

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  • Vendor Motomine
  • SKU 50-B39997
Upgrade your motorcycle with the high-performance 2011-2020 KAWASAKI ZX10 R Rear Brake Caliper - 430800097DJ. This rear brake caliper is specifically designed for Kawasaki ZX10 R models from 2011 to 2020, providing a perfect fit and reliable performance on the road or the track.

Constructed from durable materials, this rear brake caliper offers exceptional stopping power and improved braking efficiency, giving you the confidence to handle tight corners and sudden stops with ease. The high-quality construction ensures long-lasting durability, making it a reliable choice for riders who demand top-notch performance from their motorcycles.

Whether you're a professional racer or a casual rider, this rear brake caliper will enhance your motorcycle's braking system, allowing you to ride with precision and control. Upgrade your Kawasaki ZX10 R with the 2011-2020 KAWASAKI ZX10 R Rear Brake Caliper - 430800097DJ and experience the difference in your motorcycle's performance.