2017-2020 BMW R NINE T Front ABS/Speed Sensor - 34529443105

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Colour: Black
Year: 2017
Placement on Vehicle:
Manufacture Part Number: 34529443105
Brand: BMW
Model: R NINE T

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  • Vendor Motomine
  • SKU 27-B32006
Enhance the safety and performance of your 2017-2020 BMW R NINE T motorcycle with this Front ABS/Speed Sensor. This genuine BMW part, part number 34529443105, is specifically designed to fit your R NINE T model and ensures accurate readings of your motorcycle's speed and wheel movement.

The ABS/Speed Sensor is a crucial component of your bike's anti-lock braking system, helping to prevent wheel lock-up and skidding during sudden braking or slippery road conditions. By detecting the speed of each wheel and sending signals to the ABS control unit, this sensor allows for precise modulation of the braking pressure, improving overall control and stability.

Trust in the quality and reliability of this OEM BMW sensor to maintain the optimal performance of your R NINE T motorcycle. Don't compromise on safety – equip your bike with the best components available. Order your Front ABS/Speed Sensor now and ride with confidence on every journey.